2023 Lincoln PHEV Incentives

For the past three years, Lincoln has received incentives as iZEV (incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles) on the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring model. The Corsair Grand Touring combines the benefits of a 2.5L inline 4-cylinder gas engine with an electrified powertrain to offer smooth performance designed for long journeys. If you have any questions about the below incentives or regarding the Corsair Grand Touring, do not hesitate to request more information at the bottom of the page.


The incentive will be applied at the point-of-sale by the dealership. It will appear directly on the bill of sale or lease agreement on eligible ZEVs on, or after, the eligibility date. The dealer must apply taxes and fees to the purchase or lease before applying the incentive.

The dealer must submit the documentation required to be reimbursed for an incentive provided to consumers at the point of sale.


The iZEV Program offers point-of-sale incentives for consumers (subject to funding availability) who buy or lease a ZEV vehicle. Only the vehicles listed on our website are eligible for an incentive when they’re purchased or leased for at least 12 months, on or after the eligibility date.


To be eligible for the incentive, you attest to have not received an incentive under the iZEV Program during this calendar year, other than for the purchase or lease for which this form is completed. You cannot seek to receive more than one incentive under the iZEV Program in any calendar year. If an individual is found to have received more than one incentive from the iZEV Program in a calendar year, the dealership(s) who provided the iZEV incentive(s) may seek to recover the amount of the incentive provided. If you claim the iZEV incentive, you may not seek to claim the proposed enhanced federal capital cost allowance for zero-emission.

Corsair Grand Touring

$ 2,500 .00

Incentive for Purchase or 48-month Lease

$ 625 .00

Incentive for 12-month Lease

$ 1,250 .00

Incentive for 24-month Lease

$ 1,875 .00

Incentive for 36 month Lease

Eligibility Date: 2022-12-13

  • Grand Touring

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