Aviator Vs. The Competition

The Lincoln Aviator

With a stylish exterior, a plush cabin, and a pair of potent powertrains, this 2023 Lincoln Aviator offers nearly the same luxury experience as the larger Navigator, but its more compact, mid-size dimensions make it easier to live with. This Aviator is all about quiet comfort; its ride is compliant and its driving demeanour is relaxed, no matter the conditions.

2023 Lincoln Aviator

Understand what makes the Lincoln Aviator stand out from the rest. Here are some standard features on the Aviator!

7 passenger seating

Load up the Aviator with friends and family! Folding rear seats allow for highly functional storage options.

Standard AWD

You never know what weather you will experience in Canada, and having the right drivetrain is a great step in ensuring you’re ready!

standard 400hp

You won’t find yourself looking for more power, as the Aviator comes standard with 400hp!

AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control

Get improved vehicle control on unfavourable surfaces such as snow, ice, gravel, rain, etc.

Quad-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Controls

Stay warm or cold, whichever you prefer with Quad-Zone climate control!

Carpeted first and second-row floor mats

Cruise in comfort, with plush carpeted floor mats for front and second-row passengers a standard.

Considering The Competition?

Learn why the Aviator is the advantageous choice. Find information on each vehicle below, and read how the Aviator stacks up against them!


Starting at $108,500

Audi Q7

Starting at $72,500

Volvo XC90

Starting at $79,950

Cadillac XT6

Starting at $62,597

Features of the BMW X7

The BMW X7 features many design choices that push the boundaries of the future of automotive design. The X7 boasts sharp lines and angles to create a sporty and aggressive look.

There is no shortage of tech in the X7, with the 14.9-inch touchscreen display spanning across the dash, wireless Apple Carplay, Gesture Control, Comfort Access using a phone as a key, optional Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround sound system, Heads-up display, Parking Assistant, Driving Assistant Professional, and more.

A great benefit of the X7 is the fact that it comes standard with 7-passenger seating with optional 6-passenger seating. This allows for more comfort for 2nd-row seating and easier access to the 3rd row.

How does the Aviator compare? The Aviator, simply put, is a better-priced X7

While the German automotive offerings may come with optional equipment that can rival the luxuries of Lincoln, the much higher starting price of the BMW X7 can’t compare. Once you take a look at each vehicle when priced out, it’s clear that the Aviator comes in at a much better price point, while coming standard with a great level of desirable amenities and optional luxury features. Step inside a Lincoln Aviator to experience the difference between the two, on the 24-48 hour Discovery Drive, an experience provided by Yorkdale Lincoln. Find out for yourself why the Aviator is the better option.

Features of the Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 comes with the classic Audi design language, with very rounded, moulded, and contoured body lines, clashing with some sharp angles to create a look that is unique.

Quattro is standard on the Audi Q7, allowing the vehicle to proactively manage power, switching between axles to prioritize efficiency and improve traction before it is needed. The interior has no shortage of screens, with 3 large, high-resolution screens, with the two in the centre console featuring haptic feedback.

With available 4-wheel steering, the Audi Q7 has increased maneuverability at lower speeds and greater stability at higher speeds. The ride is also very comfortable as the Q7 comes standard with Sport Adaptive Air Suspension.

How does the Aviator compare?

The Q7 is simple, maybe too simple.

One of the draws to Audi is it’s simple, yet stylish design. The Q7 falls more into the category of the simple. The exterior is beginning to look dated as it hasn’t received the Audi treatment some of the other models have gotten. The interior is the first place to look, where you’ll find a lack of inspiration and creative design. Unless you like gloss black everywhere, it’s probably a better use of your time to consider the Aviator. The Lincoln Aviator uses unique and bold, yet subtle styling to stand out from the rest, with ample use of luxurious touchpoints. Find wood, chrome, and leather scattered endlessly throughout the ever-so-quiet cabin, and highly adjustable, comfortable seating with a much more intuitive design than the basic seat design of the Q7.

Features of the Volvo XC90

Volvo’s iconic design does not fall short here, with their modernized take on the Volvo grille and headlamp design. Material choice and placement are outstanding, with the use of leather, wood, chrome, and crystal gear shifter.

The XC90 comes standard with Pilot Assist, an advanced driving assist system that allows the driver to set adaptive cruise control with a stop-and-go assist, and lane keep assist. Stay connected to the XC90 with the remote app, granting general access to features such as lock and unlock, control charging, vehicle location, and more.

Just like the other vehicles in this comparison, the XC90 comes standard with 7-passenger seating. You will also find driving comfort and driver assist features such as Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, All-Wheel Drive, third row A/C, an integrated air purifier for cleaner cabin air and more, which aid to the comfort of the XC90.

How does the Aviator compare?

The Volvo lacks character and doesn’t feel special.

The Volvo XC90 is a nice car but doesn’t come close to the Aviator in a lot of ways. The Aviator feels more substantial, while not feeling big. Driving the Aviator really allows you to understand that Lincoln made a vehicle meant to be driven, and doesn’t feel like you’re going to break it. The Volvo XC90 on the other hand does not have a confidence-inspiring drive, which shines through in the comfort department. Lincoln really put their best foot forward in designing a personal sanctuary for the driver, removing you from the outside world and creating a sense of pure comfort and opulence.

Features of the Cadillac XT6

The Cadillac XT6 comes in at the lowest starting point, while still including 7-passenger seating and many of the luxury features. The XT6 also sticks to the traditional design language of Cadillac, with sharp angles and sporty styling.

Starting at the front, the XT6 comes standard with many exciting features such as IntelliBeam auto high-beam assist, Cadillac User Experience infotainment, front bucket seats, 3 years of OnStar and Connected Services Plan. There is no shortage of available options and packages to bring this vehicle to the next level if it’s within the budget.

The XT6 is slightly more compact than some of the other offerings, which results in less third-row seating space. It does have a fairly compliant ride, coming standard with 18″ aluminum alloy wheels, but does not come with AWD as standard.

How does the Aviator compare?

Cadillac can make a good performance sedan, but their luxury SUVs on the other hand…

Cadillac XT6 is available as an option, but don’t even consider it if you like to be comfortable in the 2nd and 3rd-row seating. The automotive industry collectively agrees that this vehicle is just not designed for comfortable third-row seating. Not only is size an issue, but the engine and transmission options leave a lot to be desired. Both engine options feel arguably underpowered, and the transmission comes across as feeling unsure.

The Results

When stacked up against the competition, the Lincoln Aviator shines brighter than the rest. The Aviator comes standard with many of the optional features you’d find on a German luxury competitor, and when specced out, comes in at a great price. The second and third rows on the Aviator are spacious and accommodative, with a functional and easy-to-read climate control touchscreen for backseat passengers.

The Aviator can come standard with a 3.0L V6 with 400hp and 415lb-ft of torque, but can also be optioned with the plugin hybrid which brings it up to 494hp and 630lb-ft of torque. There is no lack of power and capability with 6,700 lbs towing capacity and a range of nearly 650km.

There are many reasons to choose the Lincoln Aviator over the competition, so let our outstanding staff help you find the right Aviator for you. If you are interested in taking an Aviator for an extended test drive, visit our Discovery Drive page to learn more about the Yorkdale Lincoln Discovery Drive Experience.