When it comes to maintaining the luxury and performance of your new Lincoln, choosing where to service it is a pivotal decision. While specialty centers may seem like a quick fix, entrusting your vehicle to Yorkdale Lincoln provides an unparalleled experience with a myriad of owner benefits.

Why Service at Yorkdale Lincoln

Experts in Luxury

The certified technicians at Yorkdale Lincoln have specialized training servicing luxury vehicles. they understand the intricate details of your lincoln model, providing meticulous care and attention to maintain its superior performance

Genuine Lincoln part and accesories

Yorkdale Lincoln exclusively uses genuine Lincoln parts and accessories, commitment to upholding the high standards set by the brand ensures that your Lincoln receives components designed for optimal performance, safety and longevity

Warranty Protection

Yorkdale Lincoln safeguards your vehicle’s warranty. By adhering to manufacturer’s strict guidelines, we protect your invesment and provide peace of regarding the coverage of your luxury vehicle

Privacy and Security

At Yorkdale Lincoln, security and privacy are paramount. Other service center may be unfamiliar with the Lincoln brand. We ensure that only certified technicians can work on your Lincoln, respecting your privacy and vehicle security

Lincoln access rewards

With the Lincoln Access Rewards™ Program, you earn 5000 points on your first service, a $25 value that can be used towards future services or Lincoln accessories. Use the Lincoln Access Rewards App for remote features like start/stop and check your fuel/charge level.

Convenient Scheduling

You can enjoy the convenience of booking your service appointments online or by phone. As and added benefit, Yorkdale Lincoln can tentatively schedule your first service appointment six months form the purchase date; ensuring effortless maintenance

Owner Benefits

Complimentary car wash: Experience the luxury of having your Lincoln to you pristine condition after each service, with a complimentary car wash to maintain the its polished appearance.

Lincoln Pickup & Delivery: You can take advantage of the Lincoln Pickup & Delivery service. For your convince you can schedule appointments without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Lincoln Service Loaner: Enjoy the luxury of complimentary Lincoln service loaner, while your vehicle is in for service. Continue Experiencing the quality of Lincoln even when your vehicle is going undergoing maintenance.

Lincoln Concierge: The Lincoln ownership experience extends beyond the dealership. Access to our dedicated to our dedicated concierge service provides you with personalized assistance and an exceptional level of care and attention

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Servicing your new Lincoln at Yorkdale Lincoln offers not only technical expertise and genuine parts but also an array of owner benefits, including exclusive discounts, privacy, security, and a premium service experience. Elevate your Lincoln ownership journey by choosing the dealership that understands and appreciates the luxury you’ve invested in.